Aims to balance our emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Relaxation therapy is a set of dynamic relaxation techniques using breathing, gentle movements and the evocation of pleasant memories. At the junction of Western relaxation and adapted Eastern meditation, it allows everyone to find new resources itself and improve its quality of life. These techniques allow us to better utilize our potential: more realism and efficiency in our actions. Suitable for delivery please contact us


The contribution of behavioral psychology: The behaviorist psychology prohibited exploration of personal stories and individual personalities. These are brief behavioral therapies, practices and active. There are various techniques that directly address the symptom, translation of inappropriate behavior must be corrected. Its goal: to get rid of thoughts and behaviors that cause problems and ruin the daily life. Its method: The therapist is more directive than in a classical psychoanalysis. It offers patient dialogue for a more active participation. This is to change the behavior reflexes acquired during childhood. The patient will perform practical exercises. If too much anxiety, will be associated with the relaxation therapy. This behavioral therapy is used in case of addictions, phobias, anxiety, psychosis and depression.