Seated massage or seated Amma has its origins in the traditional arts of Chinese massage An Mo  » calming through touch  » introduced 1300 years ago in Japan.


is now practiced using an ergonomic chair created by David Palmer in 1983, who was the first to conceive of a kata (precise and codified sequence of manipulations) of amma effective and powerful enough to relax the back, shoulders, arms, hands, head and neck in 15 minutes.
Seated Amma, sometimes called « acupuncture without needles », engages all the meridian lines (channels of energy) on more than 140 specific points using various hand techniques: Energy sweeping, stretching, pressure and percussion.
II stimulates the nervous and circulatory systems. Seated massage leads in particular to unblocking energies in the back or the abdomen resulting from physical or emotional stress, oftentimes accumulated in the back.